Mussels & linguine are one of the many menu options offered at Chef Tony's Restaurant, which will be opening a Rockville location in December. Credit: Getty

Tony and Sonya Marciante, the owners of Chef Tony’s Restaurant, located at 5225 Pooks Hill at Promenade Towers in Bethesda, announced they will blend the Chef Tony’s brand with the “wonderful accolades of Amalfi Restaurant.”

Chef Tony’s Restaurant serves seafood, Mediterranean and tapas. Some of its menu items include braised Icelandic cod, “Dad’s Crab Pasta,” jumbo spicy shrimp pasta and mussels & linguine pasta.

In a Facebook post, Chef Tony’s Restaurant announced that they will reopen the Amalfi Restaurant location in December.

“To be clear, we are not leaving the promenade, but are adjusting the concept a bit…” the post said. “We’re so excited to blend Chef Tony’s family with the Amalfi family in more ways than one.”

Chef Tony’s Restaurant has been alluding to the purchase on its Facebook page and its website. On the business’s website, it posted that a Rockville location was coming in December 2022.

Owners of Chef Tony’s Restaurant couldn’t immediately be reached for comment by phone or Facebook message.


Almalfi Ristorante, located at 12307 Wilkins Ave. in Rockville, closed in April after 45 years. The Restaurant served an array of Italian cuisine.

Amalfi Ristorante also made a post about the business’ new ownership.

“It is 100% official and done.  Amalfi is now under new ownership.  We present to you the new Amalfi Family, the Marciante Family,” the post said. “We have the honor to pass over Amalfi Ristorante Italiano to Chef Tony and Chef Sonia.  We have all the faith in the world that they will do a tremendous job.  We wouldn’t [have] sold our life’s work to just anyone.  We were lucky enough to find the perfect family to keep Amalfi successful for decades to come.  We can’t say enough good things about them.  The truth is the moment we met them we knew it was meant to be.  Just as the lord sent us to you in 1977, he has now sent you the Marciante Family.  After 45 years we are so very happy to know we leave you all in the best hands possible. “


Almalfi Ristorante couldn’t be immediately reached for comment by phone.