A seventh-grade student at Silver Spring International Middle School accidentally discharged a BB gun while showing it to her friend Thursday, according to Montgomery County Public Schools.

The victim was struck in the upper right thigh by the BB gun, and inspection by the school nurse found the student was uninjured, the school’s officials stated in a Thursday letter to parents.

The teacher in the classroom contacted school administrators and school security in response to the situation, and security confiscated the gun and escorted both students out of the classroom, the letter stated.

According to school officials, multiple students saw the event occur and were upset by it. In response, the school said school mental health personnel would be coming to the school to speak to students or staff members with need of those services.

Officers from the Montgomery County Police Department and the MCPS Systemwide Safety and Security responded to reports of the incident to investigate, school officials said. 

Through the letter, the school reiterated the seriousness of bringing weapons of any kind to school, and reminded parents that students doing so, could face disciplinary action by the school and law enforcement.