Credit: Em Espey

Torrey Moore, the man arrested last week in the fatal shooting of a White Oak gas station attendant, is facing additional murder charges for the decomposed pregnant woman found in his apartment, according to Montgomery County police officials.

Moore was charged and arrested for killing Alayew Wondimu, a 61-year-old store clerk at the Dash-In Convenience store at a Silver Spring gas station on Dec. 8., police said. A search warrant led officials to discover the decomposing remains of a woman in Moore’s apartment located in the Enclave Apartment complex, right across the gas station, police stated.

State’s Attorney John McCarthy stated an autopsy was conducted that determined the victim died because of multiple gunshot wounds, and that the body was found in an “advanced state of decomposition.”

The victim was confirmed to be eight months pregnant, with a boy, and that the pregnancy was viable at the time of the mother’s death, McCarthy stated.

McCarthy said officials are aware of the identity of the victim whose remains were found in Moore’s apartment, but will not release that information at this time.

“Because we are awaiting final determination through DNA testing and out of respect to the family, I’m not going to be releasing the name of the victim today until that DNA testing has confirmed her identity,” McCarthy said.


Moore’s bond review was set for this afternoon in front of Judge Victor Del Pino, said McCarthy in a Monday media briefing, shortly after the court session.

“The charges that Mr. Moore was arraigned on today are homicide charges and handgun charges that stemmed from a homicide that occurred on Dec. 8. at a convenience store located in the Silver Spring area,” McCarthy said.

The arraignment for the homicides of the woman, 26, and the eight-month-old viable fetus, did not take place on Monday’s bond session, and will take place on Tuesday afternoon, McCarthy said.


McCarthy said pre-trial services made a recommendation to Del Pino that Moore be evaluated to check for mental competency before he stands trial.

Del Pino ordered the evaluation, and a new hearing has been set for 1 p.m. Dec. 19, McCarthy said.

McCarthy reached out to the community during the briefing and reminded the public to stay vigilant and respond to crime promptly by reporting to officials.


“I know that we can do better as a community, working together, reporting crimes, reporting gunshots, so that we can respond more promptly to some of these situations,” the State’s Attorney said.