China Gourmet restaurant in Kensington. Credit: Akira Kyles

After 35 of serving Kensington, China Gourmet announced it will be closing at the end of December.

In a note to patrons, the owners said “It was a very emotional decision, but after much consideration we have decided to close China Gourmet at the end of December. Many of our key personnel are retiring, and without them, it just would not be China Gourmet.”

According to the note, the owners will remodel and re-open the space, located at 3739 University Blvd., as an American sport-themed restaurant.

“We hope to provide the area with another quality establishment and look forward to serving you in the future,” the note said.

Many patrons took to Facebook to mourn the loss of the establishment in their community after a photo of the note was shared by a patron.

One Facebook user commented, “[The owners] are a fabulous couple who make you feel that they are true food professionals. Whatever they do with the new restaurant, leaves with me with immense confidence.”


Another Facebook user commented “So many memories there. Was cool as kids to be able to watch [Chinese Gourmet] come to life.”