Find the right attorney, for you.
To find an attorney that is a good fit, do your research. Not all lawyers are the same, and you want to work with someone whose style meshes well with your personality. It is important to have an experienced attorney that understands and supports you and your family’s needs. Explore websites, read reviews, look for awards and recognitions and then schedule an initial consultation to meet. Retain an attorney that can support you through all phases of the legal process.  

Get organized.
Take action. Get the necessary documents together including contact information for professionals and financial account information, for example, bank statements. Don’t forget to compile a contact list of your trusted advisors. Your lawyer will be able to provide additional information for those assets that are held jointly. Be prepared to start the conversation.  

Create a plan.
With your attorney, design a strategy and create a plan to meet your specific needs. Understand that maintaining flexibility throughout the process is important. An experienced attorney will be able to support and guide you.

Children first.
Remember, children need support throughout this process, too. Avoid putting them in a position where they have to take sides. There are many resources to help children including medical professionals, mental health providers and social workers. Include school counselors since they may need to provide support in the academic and social-emotional areas.

Emotions can be expensive.
Be mindful, this is a legal process. Let your attorney help you navigate this difficult and stressful situation.  Separating your emotions from the legal situation may save you time, money, unnecessary emotional distress and likely lead to a better final result. Practice self-care. Create a support system for yourself before and during this process including mental health professionals, mindfulness coaches, support groups, friends and family.

Every day, for over 25 years, Malech Law has been representing clients with respect, empathy and excellence. Our team supports equity, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our practice. Our clients will be heard, respected and understood. We work with diverse families to develop a strategy to meet their needs and recognize that the modern family is evolving.

Our practice areas include: high net worth and high conflict divorces, child custody, child support, domestic violence and protective orders, modifications & enforcement, property distribution and adoptions.

Clients can expect excellence in legal advice, empathetic representation and a commitment to reaching their goals—it is Family Law, Reenvisioned.