Renowned CNN journalist Bernard Kalb passed away in his North Bethesda home on Sunday. His family said complications from a recent fall caused his death. He was 100.

Kalb launched CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program, which examined the media industry and its integrity. The show aired for over 30 years before its cancellation in 2022. Colleagues have hailed Kalb as a pioneering journalist in both print and television. [WTOP]

Scientists give Chesapeake Bay a D+ rating for pollution

A recent report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation gave the bay at D+ rating for pollution, habitat and fisheries—the same rating it received in 2020.

Scientists with the foundation found high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the bay, the result of runoff from wastewater and neighboring farmlands. The report also revealed the lowest number of blue crabs in the bay in the survey’s 33-year history. [WKTR]

Ruling delayed on proposal limiting public access to courtroom recordings


On Friday, Maryland’s Supreme Court declined to take action on a controversial emergency proposal that would limit members of the public from accessing audio recordings of criminal court proceedings.

The proposal would have required members of the public to listen to the recordings “at a time and place designated by the court and under the supervision of a court official.” It would also prohibit making copies of recordings.

The Maryland Supreme Court remanded the proposal back to the rules committee for reconsideration, delaying any ultimate decision. [The Daily Record]


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