School bus and SUV collision at Glenmont. Credit: Pete Piringer, MCFRS.

A collision between a school bus and an SUV on Monday afternoon left three people with minor injuries, according to Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services spokesperson Pete Piringer. 

According to officials, the collision occurred at Randolph Road and Goodhill Road in Glenmont. 

Montgomery County Public Information Officer Lauren Ivey stated in an email to MoCo 360 that officers responded to the scene at 3:29 p.m. 

Piringer stated on social media that the school bus was occupied at the time of the collision and MCFRS units evaluated the passengers for injuries. 

According to Ivey, three students were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries. 

As a result of the collision, some lanes in the area have been blocked, with Piringer stating that Randolph Road has been closed and blocked in both directions. 


According to Piringer, the uninjured passengers were transferred to another bus and taken home.