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A Sunday evening collision in Rockville left one pedestrian with minor injuries to his head and face, according to Rockville City Police.

The man was struck by a vehicle at 8 p.m. around Veirs Mill Road near Atlantic Avenue, according to Rockville Public Information Officer Andrea Escher.

In an email, Escher stated the person driving the striking vehicle had a green light and hit a man who was attempting to cross against the do not walk sign.

Rockville PIO officials said the pedestrian was taken to a local hospital and found to have minor injuries to his head and face.

Officials said the driver of the vehicle remained on scene and was not found to be at fault in this incident.

Many transit safety advocates have raised concerns about the safety of Veirs Mill Road for pedestrians and bicyclists. Marissa Valeri, chair of the Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee, had previously stated to MoCo360 that RPAC observed through its data that Viers Mill and Rockville Pike were the two of the most dangerous roads in terms of traffic collisions and pedestrians and bicyclists being hit.


predictive safety analysis report released July 2022 by the Montgomery Planning Board, had found that there were over 59,000 collisions in Montgomery County between 2015 to 2019. These collisions resulted in over 1,200 severe injuries and nearly 150 fatalities.

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, there have been 72 reported fatal motor vehicle crashes in the state this year as of March 1, with 77 reported fatalities.