Four-day workweek bill withdrawn as costs, tradition derail proposal

Sponsors of the House and Senate bills to bring a four-day workweek pilot program to Maryland was withdrawn due to cost concerns [Maryland Matters].

Montgomery County minimum wage will increase for large employers in July

Montgomery County’s minimum wage will increase on July 1 to $16.70 for large employers.

Large employers include those with 51 employees or more. The rate for mid-sized employers, 11-50 employees, will be $15 per hour and the rate for small employers, less than 10 employees, will be $14.50 per hour [WJLA].

BACC fights to preserve historic Moses African Cemetery against development in Bethesda


Members of the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition gathered in Bethesda Sunday to protest further development on River Road, which they say is home to one of the most significant African cemeteries in the world [WJLA].

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