Bethesda Magazine by MoCo360 will unveil a new design that incorporates a wider array of topics and a more contemporary look, starting with the May/June issue, which appears this week.

Executive Editor Anne Tallent writes in the edition’s letter to readers: “We want to provide a variety of formats and subjects to surprise and delight established and new readers.”

One goal of the refresh is to expand Bethesda Magazine’s appeal to millennial and Gen Z audiences while continuing to serve established subscribers, Tallent said in an interview.

The regular slate of content will grow to include businesses, neighborhoods, artisans and performers. A regular feature on new book releases has evolved to become Culture Counter, with works in various formats including podcasts. Plus, the new Ms. MoCo column from local writer Rachel Pomerance Berl will dish advice and local knowledge with a side of humor, Tallent said.

The publication, launched in 2004 by Steve and Susan Hull, was purchased along with the digital news site Bethesda Beat by Scott and Jillian Copeland in 2021. The media company was rebranded as MoCo360 in February of this year; the print arm will be distributed as Bethesda Magazine by MoCo360.

Tallent said the publication would preserve its tradition of long-form narrative journalism while introducing more quick reads and data visualizations.


“You can set a timer by the two-minute format of Cheat Sheet, a primer on a timely local topic,” Tallent writes in the letter. “Field Trip takes you by the hand to guide you through a town or attraction. Thought leaders turn reflective in What I Know,” an as-told-to feature.

Readers may also notice the return of the Reading List—a best sellers roundup—now surveying various book retailers and libraries from edition to edition, she said.

In tandem with the redesign, the magazine is offering a greater depth of multimedia content on social platforms such as Instagram.


The magazine content will maintain its Bethesda nexus while venturing farther out into Montgomery County, in keeping with MoCo360’s mission to serve the entire county and upper northwest D.C., Tallent said.

Another important goal of the Bethesda Magazine refresh is to develop inclusivity with contributors who represent the diversity of the county.

“We are committed to producing journalism that’s inclusive, particularly in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, LGBTQ+ identity and disability,” Tallent said


One of the many places that will be reflected is in the celebrations coverage, which will expand beyond weddings to include memorable bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras and other grand gatherings.

Tallent praised the strategic thinking and creativity of Creative Director Kelly Martin and Managing Editor Kelly Kendall.

“I’m proud to work with such a talented team and to share in the responsibility to serve our community with our journalism,” she said. “We’re excited to bring readers along on this journey.”