Tru2Hue art studio in Wheaton. Credit: Provided by Tru2Hue

A new creative art studio in Wheaton is offering a place for the inner artists in MoCo residents to shine through.

Karema James, 44, used to manage a paint-your-own-pottery studio in Wheaton. After the studio’s closure, James still felt the need to support the community in an artistic way.

“You have to foster [creativity] because art is so creative and it fosters the imagination,” she said. “We’re just here to foster the growth of arts in our youngsters as well as adults.”

James, a John F. Kennedy High School alum who lives in Silver Spring, started Tru2Hue in February 2019 as a mobile service, providing painting supplies along with canvases, glass and pottery to decorate.  A brick-and-mortar location at 2516 University Blvd. West opened in March, and the business held its grand opening April 16.  

“I just felt it was great to have a space where people can come and visit us in the area again,” she said. “So, I’m honored to be able to provide this for the community.”

James said she didn’t originally plan on opening a brick and mortar, but the universe had other plans. James applied for and received a project restore grant before finding a perfect space in Wheaton.


James’ passion for the arts isn’t limited to her business. She is the mother of 12 children, nine of whom were adopted, or as James said, “gifted.”

Art has served as an outlet for her children.  

“They’re all really supportive of what it is that we’re doing,” she said. “They think of it as kind of like a stress reliever, especially the ones that we adopted because they’re coming from a whole different situation. Like, how can we go ahead and get them to focus not on what their situation is but what they can actually do and become? So, some of them are very artistic.”


Visitors pay a studio fee based on the number of child and adult participants. During the creative sessions, participants can decorate anything from pottery to wood art and glass, which they will have to pay for in addition to paying for the creative session.

In addition to mobile services, Tru2Hue also has a party room to host birthday parties.

Reservations are encouraged at least eight hours in advance. Walk-ins are welcome, but customers with reservations are given priority. Reservations are $10 per child younger than 15 years old and $15 per participant 16 and older for a 90-minute session. Reservations can be made on the studio’s website.


There isn’t an age limit for the studio so anyone from an infant to an elder is welcome. “Our mission is to have everyone regardless of a culture to be able to come in and create and just to show their creative self, to be able to have that experience,” she said. “We want people to foster their inner child to show how creative they can actually be because art is freeing. … There is no limit with creativity.”