A black bear was spotted several times in Rockville on Tuesday morning. Credit: Rockville City Police Department

This spring’s string of bear sightings in Montgomery County continues, with a black bear making an appearance Tuesday morning in Rockville. “Seasonal movement” is to blame, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The bear was seen several times around 6 a.m. in the area of West Kersey Lane, Sunrise Drive and Bent Pine Court, according to the Rockville City Police Department. At least one picture showed the bear relaxing in a tree.

The Rockville City Police Department advises residents to stay alert, remain calm and not to approach, feed or attempt to capture the bear. To make their homes less attractive to bears, residents should secure food, garbage and recycling; remove bird feeders; and never leave pet food outdoors, the department recommends on its Facebook page.

The agency announced in a recent tweet that it was working with the state Department of Natural Resources to alert residents of more sightings. Residents should immediately call 240-314-8900 if they see the bear, officials advise.

Tuesday’s sighting is one of many black bear sightings in the county in April and May. One was spotted in Kensington eating trash on April 27 and 28, one appeared in Rockville on May 5 and one was trapped and relocated in Rockville on May 8. It’s unclear if the sightings were of the same bear or multiple bears.

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, “It is not uncommon to see black bears in the central part of the state (Baltimore County, Harford County, Montgomery County, etc.) due to seasonal movement.” Additionally, the Department of Natural Resources urges people not to panic, saying that “most bears fear people and will leave when they see you.”


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