Steve Beitzel, who refers to himself as "Stick-up Steve" was sentenced to 32 years in prison for charges including attempt to disarm law enforcement and second-degree assault. Credit: Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office

Steven Ray Beitzel Jr. aka “Stick-up Steve” of Germantown was sentenced Thursday to 85 years in prison, with all but 32 years suspended, and five years of supervised probation upon release, according to a press release from the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office.

This sentence stems from a string of incidents in 2021 and 2022, the release said.

Beitzel was held without bond after stealing a vehicle in November 2021. He was transferred to the Avery Road Drug Treatment Center, but he ran away that same day. The court then issued a bench warrant for his arrest, according to the release.

Beitzel disappeared for two months. During that period, he went on a stealing spree, robbing convenience stores and banks, obtaining around $60,000, the release said.

He used his new funds to purchase a car, two motorcycles and fentanyl to use himself and to sell to make even more money, the release said.

Beitzel was finally apprehended on January 12, 2022, according to the release.


He was in custody for around two weeks, before he faked an illness and was transported to Holy Cross hospital on January 25, according to doctors.

In a hospital restroom, Beitzel then tried to disarm one of the sheriff’s deputies monitoring him. He lunged for the deputy’s gun, and a struggle ensued between him, two sheriff’s deputies and an off-duty Montgomery County Police officer who stepped in to assist, the release said.

Beitzel tried to forcibly remove the officer’s gun from the holster. Officers managed to end the struggle and avoid a firefight, according to the release.


The two deputies involved sustained injuries and were treated for concussions, the release said.

On March 23, after a two-day trial, a jury found Beitzel guilty of one count of attempt to disarm law enforcement and two counts of second-degree assault, the release said.

Following the conviction, the State of Maryland and the defendant entered into a plea deal to resolve four remaining criminal cases, including charges such as motor vehicle theft, assault, armed robbery, robbery and burglary, according to the release.


The sentencing hearing Thursday was held in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, where Circuit Court Judge Karla Smith presided over the case, and Assistant State’s Attorneys Jodi Mount and Rachel Morris prosecuted the case, according to the release.