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Two Montgomery County police officers were transported to a local hospital Friday evening after a man assaulted them, according to the department. Other officers were also assaulted but denied medical services, police said.

The assaults occurred around 8 p.m. Friday in Gaithersburg, when police were initially called to an apartment complex for report of someone spraying a fire extinguisher in the hallway. A victim claimed the man with the extinguisher had broken into their apartment. Officers located the suspect a short distance away, which is when the assaults occurred.

The man then fled to a McDonald’s on Flower Hill Way and allegedly assaulted more officers but was ultimately taken into custody, according to police. [WUSA9]

Verizon glitch disrupts 911 services across MoCo

Verizon Wireless experienced technical difficulties on Friday leading to customers reporting difficulty dialing 911 for emergencies. Police officials in Montgomery, Prince George’s and Charles counties all confirmed that their emergency communications systems were impacted by the service disruption.

In a statement published on Twitter Friday morning, Montgomery Police said Verizon was “aware and attempting to fix the problem.” By 11 a.m., all Verizon services had been fully restored and residents in affected areas could once again successfully contact their local law enforcement agency via 911. [WUSA9]


Gaithersburg mom opens child-friendly cafe

Montgomery County mother Carolynne Nowrouzi recently opened Kentlands Baby Bar on Main Street in Gaithersburg. The family-friend café features a play area, 15-foot chalkboard and pureed fruits and vegetables.

“[I wanted] a place where there are high-chairs at every table,” Nowrouzi said. “Where you can monitor your child, have a cup of coffee, have a conversation with your family and everybody wins.”


Nowrouzi has over 15 years of experience planning events and said she intends to use the new space to host weekly events and themed parties. [Fox 5]

Today’s weather

Humid with temperatures anticipated to reach 90 degrees and a high chance of thunderstorms in the evening.


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