Montgomery County Council Member Natali Fani-Gonzalez (D-Dist. 6) enlightened us with the news that the Parks and Recreation Department will continue to keep Beach Drive and Sligo Parkway car-less on weekends for the benefit of hikers and bikers.

If you want to make this provision permanent, be sure to attend the County Council meeting at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 11 on the Pedestrian Master Plan. Being able to walk unheeded by traffic and in relatively safe conditions was a lifesaver during the long-winded pandemic.

Local parks were the proven outlet from the drudgery of being homebound and relegated to telework for performing our daily work tasks by providing exercise and a chance to commune with nature in a safe environment, devoid of a mask.

Many took advantage of the beautiful parks that align Montgomery County, and we were surprised with their importance to our well-being both physical and mental.

As we seek to make our urban areas more walkable, we need to promote serenity in our parks and provide a path to escape the hustle of the modern world. Parks provide that connection to the natural world.

Gail Landry of Gaithersburg is a member of the Maryland Sierra Club Natural Places Committee.


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Gail Landry of Gaithersburg is a member of the Maryland Sierra Club Natural Places Committee.