The Cashmere Sale store in Bethesda. Photo credits: Jessica Weiss

Two Bethesda women are bringing the Cashmere Sale, a national purveyor of luxe goods, to Bethesda’s Woodmont Triangle for the holiday season.

Leslie Adelman and Jessica Weiss will run the pop-up selling men’s and women’s sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves and other apparel items—most priced under $200—through Dec. 10 at 7801 Woodmont Ave., above Reddz Trading.

Adelman is a lawyer and the co-founder of the D.C.-based nonprofit MentorPrize. Weiss has created a jewelry line called Gemini Jewelry.

Most items are under $200. Photo credits: Jessica Weiss

The Cashmere Sale launched in 2001 when a group of friends from Greenwich, Connecticut, developed a concept of selling high-quality products via online shopping throughout the year and nationwide pop-up stores in the fall and winter, according to its website. It has grown into 30 locations nationwide, with Bethesda among the newest—and the only store in Maryland.

Adelman shared that a friend from Chevy Chase who visited The Cashmere Sale shop on the Upper West Side in New York City told the pair to bring the idea to Maryland.

“About 10 clients already knew about this affordable fashion concept,” Adelman said. “Since we opened, they’ve … been excited to buy more sweaters and scarves at reasonable prices.”


“We get very excited when customers enjoy and have fun at the store. They often tell us that the quality and prices are excellent,” Adelman said.

The goat fibers are prized for being soft, warm and durable.