Located at 7220 Selkirk Drive in Bethesda, Potomac Pizza Owner Adam Greenberg's family home features a grand foyer, leading into more rooms with mid-century themes. Credit: Peter Evans

Unique, patterned wallpapers, crystal chandeliers and a bar shaped like a boat.

These are just a few features of Potomac Pizza owner Adam Greenberg’s family home in Bethesda that’s for sale with a nearly $1.9 million price tag.

“It’s such a unique house,” Greenberg said. “It’s not a cookie-cutter house like most of the houses built today.”

The house, which is located at 7220 Selkirk Drive has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The 7,400-square-foot structure sits on 0.66 acres of land.

Greenberg, who owns Potomac Pizza, Bagels ‘n Grinds and Hunter’s Bar and Grille, said that the decision to sell the house was one that he and his family made together. His mother died three and a half years ago, and after his father died 10 weeks ago, he said his sister was planning on buying the house but decided against it.

The house is special for Greenberg because his father, who was a home builder and architect, built it.


“My dad was there till the very end. When my mom passed away, we all offered to let him live with us and he was ‘like, no, I want to live in my house,’” Greenberg said. “They designed the rambler so they could live their whole lives [in it].”

Greenberg said the home is a time capsule of his family. A prime example: the bar shaped like a boat.

“My dad was a boater his whole life, so one of his carpenters built him a custom boat bar,” Greenberg said.


He said that he and his friends would have parties down there all the time.

Greenberg said that his mother’s influence on the house can be seen in the wallpaper.

“My mom loved decorating,” Greenberg said. “She and her decorator picked out all of the different wallpapers and stuff like that.”


Almost every room has a different wallpaper, including ones covered in zigzags, flowers, feathers, dots, seashells and boats.

Greenberg said she loved to throw parties and host events, so the décor was very important to her. The house has numerous unique pieces of furniture as well.

He also said that wallpaper was a big trend when the house was built, which is one element making a time capsule for the 1960s.


Christy Bakaly, vice president and realtor for Compass, said that the interior decorations are really what make the house a mid-century home, reminiscent of the Hollywood Regency era and shows like “Mad Men.”

Bakaly said that another mid-century feature of the home is the high ceilings and how they peak. This is especially apparent in the grand foyer with an extremely high ceiling, a glossy black and white floor and a gleaming crystal chandelier.

“This home features a lot of significant lighting fixtures that are amazing,” Bakaly said.


Another feature that Greenberg loved about the house: the huge garage.

“I loved cars, and I loved working in the garage,” Greenberg said. “It’s an oversized two-car garage. Most two-car garages today can barely fit two cars.”

Bakaly said the location of the house is also a huge selling point.


“The home sits on a fabulous lot in Bannockburn Estates, which again is a really popular community where they have a walking club and they have festivities. It’s a great community for all ages.”

The main takeaway that Greenberg and Bakaly both had was that people just don’t make houses like this anymore.

“You’ve got all the great bones in this home that you can’t find in $3 million to $4 million homes,” Bakaly said. “It’s truly a fantasy.”