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Marilyn Balcombe (Information not submitted)

Lorna Phillips Forde (Information not submitted)

William Roberts (Information not submitted)


Dan Cuda

What office are you running for? County Council

Political party: Republican

Where you live: North Potomac

Date of birth: March 27, 1954

Current occupation and employer:
Adjunct Professor, George Mason University
Adjunct Staff, Institute for Defense Analyses
Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Political experience:
Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, 2014-2022


Why are you running for this office?
Montgomery County is in a 15-year crisis of job growth. We are regionally uncompetitive relative to both the District and Northern Virginia; even Prince George’s County was recently awarded the new location of the U.S. Mint with $1.6 billion in new construction and 800-plus new jobs. We need a new voice on the council to change its priorities – all the problems in our county get better with local job growth.

What is the most important issue in this race and what specific plans do you have to address it?
The economic health of the county is its most important issue. In the long run, everything depends on local job growth – traffic on I-270 is reduced, crime is reduced, the tax base grows, funding for schools increases, housing prices are sustained and a public-private partnership for new housing becomes possible. The county needs a new relationship with its entrepreneurial community. With the cooperation of the new county executive and a majority of the council we need a top-to-bottom review of county regulations that are driving away jobs and business. The county economy must be priority No. 1.

What is one major issue that has been handled poorly and what would you have done differently?
Murders in Montgomery County doubled last year from 2020. Montgomery County government failed to protest the hurried repeal that year of the Maryland Police Officers Bill of Rights that had existed since 1974. The Montgomery County police relationship with the county community has been disrupted and the results are showing up in all county metrics of crime. Policing is difficult work that deserves careful changes. This didn’t happen in 2020. Respect of police for the community is fundamental to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Montgomery County can always improve this relationship, but I would not have supported this wholesale change.

What experience (work, political or other) has prepared you to hold this office?
I am prepared for duties on the council by background, temperament, and experience. I learned to be mission oriented through my experience as an Air Force pilot. My academic training taught me about budgeting, organizations and public administration. My experience as a management analyst has prepared me to contribute on the council from day one. My temperament is that of a problem solver and as consensus builder that proceeds from honest exchange and reason.