Front row from left: Stacey Renee, Marketing Manager; Karla Kafie, Accounting Manager; Carmen Orellana, Operations Coordinator; Kelly Tinsay, Sales Trainer
Back row from left: Kim Calavas, VP of Sales; Amber Andino, Delivery Manager; Tracy Dhyani, Co-founder; Rebecca Yost, Human Resources Manager; Brooke Chandler, Sr. Client Services Manager

North Bethesda Showroom
5526 Nicholson Ln.
North Bethesda, MD 20852

QTo what do you attribute the success of your company?
A We believe in staying open to change. At ABW we always seek a better way to do business.

In 2010, after being turned down by another dealer, Kim Calavas, now vice president of sales, pitched the concept of a Builder Development Group to serve multifamily and production builders. The group grossed over $18 million in 2022. Another of ABW’s longest-tenured executives, Kelly Tinsay, leads sales training. Since 2006, Kelly has helped ABW sustain steady growth in the trade market during critical years of expansion. Lisa Dillon, a 20-year appliance veteran, manages ABW’s Jessup Showroom. Her team serves high-end trade professionals in and near Howard and Anne Arundel counties.

Tracy Dhyani, ABW co-founder, led a major rebrand in 2016. Appliance Builder Wholesalers transitioned to ABW Appliances, making “Appliances a Better Way” more accessible to homeowners. Stacey Renee carries the marketing torch with an industry-leading team on a mission to make appliance shopping better for everyone.

Karla Kafie, along with her seven-person accounting team, moved ABW to digital records, introduced QuickBooks and implemented an online payment gateway. Carmen Orellana leads a team of skilled craftspeople in repairs, renovations, decoration and events support. 

Rookie of the Year in 2021, Amber Andino coordinates logistics for 90-plus appliance orders daily. Her 18-person delivery team utilizes cutting-edge AI, texting and GPS technology. In 2008, Brooke Chandler, senior client services manager, launched a parts, repair and customer service department to replace outsourcing with in-house customer advocacy. ABW now has 30 on staff to solve the toughest appliance problems.