Dr. Vera Kurdian, LCSW-C, CEO Doctor of Organizational leadership

16220 Frederick Road, Suite 310
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Credit: Hilary Schwab

QIn your field, what qualities should successful women have?
A As a professional in the mental health field, a successful male or female leader must possess certain qualities, such as authenticity, empathy, inclusivity, and kindness. True leadership is defined by your ability to coach, mentor, inspire, and motivate your staff.

As an example, in the past years, Covid humbled our leaders in which they had to make swift but precise decisions. They needed to keep their employees engaged, valued, motivated, and employed while assisting clients through significant life losses and transition.

QWho is your inspiration?
A Throughout my childhood in Lebanon, during the civil war, I watched the incredible strength and determination of my mother raising five children while my father worked overseas. It was not until I reached adulthood that I truly appreciated the inspiration my family provided. Today, I find motivation and inspiration from different sources, whether it is observing the dedication of my staff, who show up every day or a single parent balancing multiple roles in hopes of a better life. Inspiration surrounds us, all we have to do is look for it.

QWhat is an important lesson you’ve learned in your career?
A The most important lesson I have learned in life, and in business, is not to take anything or anyone for granted, and to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We cannot appreciate success if we have not experienced failure or disappointment. There are times that despite our best efforts, certain things will not work out, but you will be okay, and the sun will rise again.

My top priority is to make ABH, now in five counties, a preferred place for both employment and for individuals seeking mental health services. We demonstrate that we value our wonderful, diverse staff and the communities that we serve by exercising authenticity, humility, active listening, and competence.