David B. Hurwitz, CFP, CRPC, CRPS, RICP, APMA, BFA, Private Wealth Advisor, Certified Financial Planner; Jackson Wiles,
Financial Planning Specialist; David Powell, Financial Advisor; Andrea Noel Rodriguez, CRPC, Client Service Manager; Caroline Dangel,
CRPC, Associate Financial Advisor

4800 Montgomery Ln., Suite 620
Bethesda, MD 20814

QWhat type of client do you specialize in?
A Our typical clients are retirees who have accumulated between one million and twenty million in assets. These are intelligent people who want to work with an experienced professional in areas that they are not as knowledgeable in, such as financial planning, tax planning strategies, estate, and investment management. They want a trusted confidant who can help them achieve their goals and reduce the amount of time and stress associated with managing their finances. Our clients prefer to engage with us on an ongoing basis, so they can take periodic time outs to discuss their finances and then return to enjoying retirement.  

QWhat makes your client experience unique?
A First and foremost, we listen. We learn about each of our clients—their goals and personal situation, and their personality and communication style. This enables us to personalize our advice and deliver it in the most impactful way. We have a structured process that addresses our clients’ financial and emotional needs, and we always endeavor to make things as easy as possible. Our proactive service model is designed to help our clients cut through the noise while staying informed about the markets, tax planning and estate-tax laws. Our services are delivered by a team of professionals; each having a defined role and areas of specialty. We do all the heavy lifting, and our goal is to unburden our clients and help them make confident financial decisions, so they can get back to living and enjoying their lives.

We shape financial solutions for a lifetime

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