Erika L. Marino, Vice President

7501 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1500E
Bethesda, MD 20814

QWhat type of client do you specialize in? 
A We work with clients who typically own homes valued at over $2 million, have multiple properties, high-end vehicles, collections of art, jewelry or wine, and need umbrella insurance limits of more than $5 million. We can be most helpful to those clients paying at least $10,000 a year for all their insurance policies (home, auto, valuables, umbrella, watercraft) combined.

QWhat is the biggest challenge in your job?
A The current insurance market poses the biggest challenge for us. Increases in natural disasters nationwide are resulting in large losses for insurance carriers, higher premiums, and more and more carriers leaving the homeowners insurance market altogether. Today, affordable homeowners insurance can be difficult to find. As an independent insurance agent, we represent many insurance carriers and work hard to find the policy that best meets our clients’ needs—at a reasonable rate.

QWhat piece of advice do you get asked most often and what is your answer?  
A It’s critical for high-net-worth individuals to carry umbrella policies—policies that offer liability coverage over and above what their other policies offer—and to be sure they have adequate coverage. We continually get asked, “How much umbrella insurance do I need?” The answer isn’t black and white. It depends on your risk tolerance, lifestyle, assets and a variety of other factors. It’s best to reach out to us for a thorough evaluation so that we can assist you in determining the most appropriate limit.

“B. F. Saul has the knowledge and relationships with specialty insurers to meet the complex insurance needs of businesses, families and individuals, giving them more time to do the things they love. As unfortunate as claim situations are, I find solace in knowing my clients are properly protected should the unexpected happen.”

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