Bison Rib Eye

Chef-owner Dennis Friedman was aiming for a dish that was a little unique at Newton’s Table, the modern American restaurant that opened in Bethesda last April.

His Bison Rib Eye, with spicy cocoa rub, balsamic glazed onions and blueberry demi-glace, is just the thing. It sounds risky, but the spicy-vinegary-fruity flavors juxtaposed with the assertive lean meat really works.

“It became a real star on the menu,” Friedman says of the $36 entrée.

The chef rubs the rib eye with bittersweet cacao nibs (small bits of husked cocoa beans), cayenne, cumin and a touch of paprika. The rich, deep flavor of the sauce is achieved by veal demi-glace combined with crushed blueberries. The caramelized onions add a sweet and vinegary punch.

For the winter months, Friedman is switching out the accompanying citrus salad for a heartier side, and as he rotates main courses, the rib eye may be offered as a special rather than a regular menu item.

But whatever the season, “we’ll always have it available,” Friedman says. Bravo.


4917 Elm St., Bethesda, 301-718-0550,