Rock Creek Sports Club

To understand what makes this such a great neighborhood gym, it’s probably best to start with the popular revolt.

In 2000, Paul London of Bethesda and Marc Tascher of Mamaroneck, N.Y., founded the club with the goal of creating not only a fitness center, but a sense of community. They sold it to Crunch Fitness a few years later, but the club retained its name and its reputation as a community gathering place.

Then, three years ago, Crunch wanted to close the gym and sell the membership list to LA Fitness. That’s when club members protested, rallied and successfully convinced the original owners to buy the club back.

Today, many of the same members still come to the gym regularly, and managers say their preferences continue to shape the low-key, judgment-free, independently owned gym’s offerings, which include a full studio, massage therapy, yoga and other classes.

Members also say they like the sunny, clean studio space, and the gym’s location in Rock Creek Shopping Center, a few storefronts down from Parkway Deli.

Cost is $60 per month for an individual membership; $130 enrollment fee for annual membership; and $200 enrollment fee for month-to-month membership.


8325 Grubb Road, Silver Spring, 301-587-4447,