Alex Petukhov and Shannon Petukhov, MD

Address: 17830 New Hampshire Ave., Suite 302  Ashton, MD 20861 

Phone: 301-717-2212


QWhy choose home care instead of a facility?

A It has been our experience that aging at home can lead to a more satisfying aging process. Familiar surroundings and routines help the elderly age gracefully. Hiring caregivers through an agency gives assurance and protection. They are properly screened, trained and vetted. Our caregivers focus solely on one client. With no restrictions on who can come to visit, aging at home is the best option for an elderly individual with family in the area who does not want to be shut out by endless Covid restrictions that happen in a facility. 

QHow do you choose your caregivers? 


A Many of our aides have been with Best Senior Care for over 20 years! We take extraordinary efforts to find multi-lingual, certified, licensed and carefully screened caregivers. We look for individuals with passion, experience, deep family ties, dependability and certain medical backgrounds. We provide them with training in common safety issues, fall prevention, understanding mental health disorders, bed mobility, incontinence care, nutrition and conflict management. We do not send out caregivers without being confident that they are equipped with all the necessary tools to respond to any sort of emergency. We are very fortunate to have such a strong team.

QHow can high-quality home care minimize emergency room visits and hospitalization? 

A As a physician in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Maryland, Dr. Shannon Petukhov says: “Aging patients are more susceptible to falls that can have debilitating consequences. Confusion, physical ailments and degraded vision can all be to blame. Having a consistent home caregiver can dramatically reduce admission to the hospital.”