Aaron Cameron, CEP, FOX Exercise Physiologist  Jasmine Bromfield, Director of Life Enrichment Credit: Photo by Michael Ventura

Chevy Chase House residents love the sincere commitment to overall wellness that the Life Inspired Program brings to them in one form or another every day. It focuses on the five core dimensions of wellness: the physical, creative, the mind, passions and connections.

Address: 5420 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20015

Phone: 202-478-9546 

Website: www.meridiansenior.com/chevychasehouse

QHow does Chevy Chase House help seniors thrive?

A Atmosphere is not the most important factor in living a good life, but beautiful surroundings and conveniences do enhance one’s mood. We have well-designed and spacious apartment homes with convenient features, delicious dining and a true commitment to overall wellness with the Life Inspired Program that focuses on the five core dimensions of wellness: physical, creative, the mind, passions and connections.


QWhat kinds of physical fitness services do you provide?

A Chevy Chase House and national provider FOX Rehabilitation are proud to partner together to help our residents be stronger and more mobile to improve their quality of life. As part of this unique program, The Chevy Chase House has an exercise physiologist on staff. Aaron Cameron works one-on-one with our residents at no cost to them. 

He also leads several of our daily classes such as tai chi, better balance, and strength training. As a partner with the Parkinson’s Foundation of The National Capital Area; he leads a Boxing for Parkinson’s class twice a week in our state-of-the-art gym.


QWhat about the other dimensions of wellness?

A We’re on it! Jasmine Bromfield, our director of Life Enrichment, fills the daily calendar with diverse activities that relate to creativity, the mind, passions and connections. Our Life Inspired program is an extension of our commitment to our mission statement: to enrich the lives of our residents through extraordinary experiences.