Wendy Moyers, CFP, CDFA; Paula A. Landau, CFP, ChSNC, CTFA; Stacy C. Murchison; Christine Nicolaides Kearns; Tanya M. Blakely; Christine Wallace; Jeannette Owen Roegge

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QWhat has changed for women in financial management/investing, and how is that reflected at Chevy Chase Trust (CCT)?
A The percentage of women in the financial sector has grown exponentially over the past few decades to nearly 50 percent. Still, women only hold 15 percent of executive roles. But CCT is a firm that values women—as clients, employees and leaders. With more women in the workforce than ever, many seek advice from professionals who can best understand first-hand their investment needs and broader goals. At CCT, women comprise 54 percent of the overall staff and 65 percent of the senior management team, reinforcing that women bring value to the table.

QWhat sets Chevy Chase Trust apart from the competition?
A Our global thematic approach to investing is our greatest differentiator. Thematic investing involves capitalizing on powerful secular trends, disruptive ideas, innovations and economic forces constantly reshaping our world. We build portfolios of individual companies positioned to exploit these transformational changes, and, just as importantly, avoid companies that will be disrupted by creative destruction. Additionally, all new client relationships start with a financial plan that informs the investment strategy and asset allocation recommendations for each unique relationship. There is no one-size-fits-all offering; every step of the process is personalized.

QWhat qualities should a successful person in your industry possess?
A In addition to extensive knowledge and experience, the best financial professionals listen actively to their clients, are innovative problem solvers—always prepared for the unexpected—and are honest.