Roberta Eisen, M. Ed., Co-Founder, Carly Blackstone, Psy.D. Co-Founder

4910 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 318
Washington, D.C. 20016

QWhy do you do what you do? What motivates and inspires you?
A I’ve always had a passion for children. I inherited it from my mother, who taught in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. I grew up in the era of Mister Rogers, who spent his time in “make believe” with children who still believed in a perfect world. But the world is not perfect.

We may not be able to create a perfect world for our children, but we can have a significant positive influence on the lives of children and families in crisis by educating them about mental health and the role it plays in their lives. Children often pay the price for their parents’ lack of mental health awareness related to family conflict.

QWhat are your top priorities?
A My top priority has been working with children and families to find a way to make decisions without family court intervention in custody and divorce cases. I have worked with thousands of families. Without a mental health professional to preserve and protect the child from the beginning, children and families find themselves at the mercy of the court. 

QWhat has been a major turning point in your career?
A My dream as a mother was to share this passion with my daughter, and I have. My daughter, Dr. Carly Blackstone, became the clinical director for the Office of Parenting Coordination for the D.C. Courts several years ago. We share a mental health practice that works with families to keep their children out of family court custody battles.

My daughter, Dr. Carly Blackstone, and I created the DC Children’s Institute (DCCI) that will launch soon to be a resource for families that may not have the funds to access mental health services to guide them through the legal system during divorce or custody disputes.