Katalin Farnady, Interior Designer

Annapolis, MD

QWhat is the focus and philosophy of your company?
A I’m always evolving, and that is my goal. I am very curious and that keeps me wanting to move forward and gain knowledge. I also try to make sure never to give up on trying new things. It helps that I am not afraid of making mistakes, so I am not afraid to experiment with a new approach. You never know what you might learn, or what might come out of it.

QWhat are the most important qualities in a well-designed space, and how do you achieve them for your clients?
A Spirit and emotions are the qualities I install in every project. As an interior designer, I am a listener, a creator and an interpreter at the same time. I believe that the goal of designing any space should be that each finished project is a reflection of the clients and their sensibilities. I never forget that their home is their sanctuary.

QWhat woman inspires you and why?
A  I grew up with a very strong and independent single mother who is a pediatrician. She taught me how to work hard and never give up. I am also raising three beautiful daughters who inspire me with their determination, commitment to their passions and confidence in what they know they can achieve. They, as well as my mother’s influence, make me a better person.

Through a discovery-driven process and close working relationship, Katalin strives to uncover her clients’ personal style and tell their unique stories. She believes in starting every project with a strong foundation, honoring design principles, architecture, and history. In doing so, she’s able to push boundaries while honoring traditional design aesthetics and her client’s design vision.

Katalin’s bold work is inspired by art, furniture, fashion, and her world travels, resulting in sophisticated, functional design. As a risk-taker, you can expect the unexpected with Katalin Farnady.