Kevin Gilday

9162 Brookville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910

QHow do we control renovation costs and still get everything we want?
A Everyone starts with a wish list and rarely does their budget cover it all. One of the most valuable services we provide our clients is to help them prioritize and focus their intentions to arrive at a cohesive, buildable scope of work. Once we’ve identified “the heart of the project” as we call it, and guide them to their must-have items, it’s amazing how other ideas on the list decline in importance. We help them focus on what really matters to them so that all their thoughts, efforts and budget dollars support those desires.

QWhat are the most requested renovations?
A Kitchens are perennial. No surprise there. It’s the first deficiency that people notice when they purchase an older home. Home addition projects often start with a kitchen. People want to open the kitchen and reconfigure the main floor of the house to improve flow. We specialize in this type of project. It requires more design specificity and goes beyond a simple kitchen renovation.

 What has changed significantly in the last five years is that the desire to open and expand living space with additions has turned into requests for porches. That may partly be in reaction to the pandemic because, for the past few years, the only safe place to be outdoors. We have designed and built a lot of luxurious porches. In fact, we recently won a national award for a porch we did at a Potomac residence.

Led by Kevin Gilday, nationally recognized Gilday Renovations has for 40 years thrilled Washington, D.C. area homeowners with a highly collaborative design-build experience that seamlessly blends the expertise of its seasoned team of architectural designers, interior designers and master builders. The company aims to deliver a transformational home renovation experience to every client.