Ali Mulaga, Owner

1915 Towne Centre Blvd., #120
Annapolis, MD 21401

QWhat do you look forward to when you go to work every day?
A I love when people come into the store for the first time and say, “I’ve been looking for a place like this!” Or, “My friend would love this place!” Typically, when we think about sustainable shopping, we think about eco-friendly toothpaste or zero-waste laundry detergent, the household essentials. I opened Green & Bean to tackle a largely untapped side of sustainability and offer people in the Washington, D.C. area a place to go for unique, high-quality, sustainable gifts from ethical brands. Nothing in the store is a ‘need;’ we have backgammon sets and indulgent (but natural!) bath accessories. It’s just gratifying to help people discover that gifting and living sustainably can still be fun, frivolous and full of personality.