Heather McCabe, Esq., Co-Managing Partner, Emily Russell, Esq., Co-Managing Partner

Offices in Bethesda, Rockville and Maple Lawn

QWhat qualities do you think a successful attorney should have? 
AHeather McCabe: “Templates are a dime a dozen in this internet age, but there is nothing cookie-cutter about our work. The most successful attorneys I know are resolute in pursuing excellence for their clients. To me, this means having an unrelenting curiosity about our clients’ situations, the law we are applying and innovative ways to best address each client’s needs.”

QWhat do you look forward to when you go to work every day? 
AEmily Russell: “Working with an exceptional team—many of whom are accomplished women leaders in their own right—who are as passionate about advocating for our clients as I am. This sense of teamwork and determination helps buoy our clients through their hardest times.”