Heather Hicks-Mellow, Sales Counselor  Credit: Courtesy photo

Address: 3140 Gracefield Road Silver Spring, MD 20904 

Phone: 1-800-610-1560 

Website: www.Riderwood.com

QWhat should seniors look for when considering a continuing care retirement community?

A The first step is to understand that a continuing care retirement community is, like Riderwood, a place that offers independent living, plus multiple levels of on-site care, such as assisted living, long-term nursing care, respite care, memory care and home care. 

If a priority is to meet new people and stay active, look for a community that’s large enough to offer a variety of clubs, activities and amenities while retaining the warmth of a small town.


Residents often refer to Riderwood as a “small town under one roof.” Its wealth of amenities are connected through climate-controlled walkways. Riderwood allows seniors to stay active and independent while enjoying peace of mind.