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QWhat are the most important factors to consider when selecting a lot for my custom home?

A Number one is location. Some clients want convenience and walkability, others privacy and a large yard. Price is critical since it impacts overall budget goals. Building restriction lines show the width and depth of the house you can build and the footprint allowed. Topography matters for how much light you can get into the lower level and how usable the yard will be. Light and view are very important factors. As custom builders, we help our clients find the right lot for their needs.

QWhat are your buyers demanding these days?

A Clients still want great design and prefer open floor plans. Functionality is essential—elevators for empty-nesters or mudrooms with cubbies and informal powder room for families. Many clients are tech-savvy and desire a smart home where they control lighting, music, security and HVAC systems from a cell phone or laptop. Limited use of solar panels and electric car chargers is still popular. Our team approach helps guide clients through the complicated process, making it less overwhelming.

QWhat brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

A Our beautiful homes and our excellent reputation. We are incredibly proud to see our projects everywhere and take great pleasure in bringing prospective clients into finished homes and hearing our homeowners speak so enthusiastically about their homes and working with us. We value our clients, love what we do and are proud to give back to our community.

Sandy Spring Builders, the area’s premier custom homebuilder, is an integrated, full-service team with more than 40 years of experience in bringing our clients’ vision to life. Our vast portfolio of well-built homes makes a lasting impression, proven by myriad awards including Best of Bethesda every year since its inception.