Wendy Brack Fritz, Owner

11882 Grand Park Ave.
North Bethesda, MD 20852
Instagram: @scoutandmollysnorthbethesda

QWhat do you believe is the reason for your success?
A We have an entire team that is fashion-forward and a shared culture that empowers and supports our customers. We absolutely “sweat the small stuff.” Every interaction, every chosen piece of merchandise, and every overall experience of each person who enters our store is worthwhile and fun.

QWhat makes your store different from others?
A We have new, unique and beautiful clothing and accessories arriving every day. Our incredible staff love styling our customers so that they visit often and walk away with one piece or an entire new wardrobe feeling valued and supported. 

QWhat has been a surprise after five years?
A Although there’s a lot of work that goes into running boutiques, it has been more rewarding than we ever imagined. We created a place where customers frequently comment that it must be so fun to work here. Having many women stop in to see what’s new, pick up a doggie biscuit for their pup, or just to say hello reminds us that we are doing something right. 

QWhat advice would you give to someone starting a clothing boutique?
A A passion for fashion is not enough. Running a successful boutique—or two in our case— requires a commitment of time and energy for marketing, budgeting, data analysis and overall due diligence. When owners outsource these tasks, they reduce their ability to create a holistic vision encompassing all facets of their business and they limit the financial freedom to take risks, give back to their community, and reward their team. 

Scout & Molly’s team is led by the owner, Wendy Brack Fritz, manager Abby Goldman and assistant manager Michelle Gips. Among the three they have different educational backgrounds in business, fashion and communications along with decades of experience that they employ to ensure that each of their customers has a positive, unique shopping experience.