Bethesda Gateway Office
7373 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1700 Bethesda, MD 20814
Direct: 301-365-9090
L&F Office: 301-907-7600

QHow have you mentored or inspired others who are following in your footsteps?
A Leading by example, showing the next generation of real estate agents to be collaborative, active listeners, and always do the right thing, no matter what. 

QWhat qualities do you think a successful real estate agent should have? 
A Integrity is No. 1; persistence and resilience. Building a successful real estate career takes time and perseverance. The best real estate agents are always prepared for challenges, setbacks and market fluctuations. They’re motivated, maintain a positive mindset, and learn from both successes and failures. Real estate is a dynamic industry, so keeping current on market trends, emerging technologies and changing consumer preferences is vital. Focused on delivering exceptional customer service, the top real estate agents can seamlessly adapt to new strategies, technologies and tools to enhance their business and improve client experiences.

QWhat advice would you offer women just starting out? 
A Go everywhere (in D.C., Maryland and Virginia) and sell in all price points. 

QWhy do you do what you do?
A We love being part of our community and helping people; our impact is very important to us. Over the years, we’ve developed deep, valuable partnerships and friendships with clients, other agents and industry professionals. Whether we’re guiding friends and neighbors through the home buying and selling process, donating a portion of every commission to local charities through our Pay It Forward program, hosting community events, or serving local organizations, we seek to immerse ourselves in our community. 

The Banner Team is an award-winning real estate powerhouse with a national reputation. Specializing in luxury and upper-bracket properties across the DMV, their impressive track record dates back over three decades. Implementing a team-oriented approach to every transaction, The Banner Team’s commitment to excellence ensures clients receive unparalleled dedication throughout their buying or selling journey.