Trent Heminger, Executive Vice President, Mary Noone, Realtor

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QHow do you use technology for the benefit of your clients?
A The real estate market is still recovering from the inventory crisis caused by COVID-19. A good home, priced correctly, may see one to three offers. An underpriced home may still see many offers, and an overpriced home will sit.   

New to our toolbox as real estate experts is a platform called Final Offer. This adds much-needed transparency to what can sometimes feel like a chaotic process. Sellers can outline what terms are most important to them and buyers can see what it takes to win their perfect new home.  

With Final Offer, buyers no longer feel they are missing out. Along with their agent, buyers can submit an offer to the seller on the platform in seconds, start the negotiation in real time, and avoid any guesswork about what the seller wants.

For sellers, the competitive platform drives urgency by alerting everyone, at the same time, that an offer has been made. This prompts other potential buyers to act right away. Sellers work with their experienced agent to set the price and terms in order to take the home off the market instantly using the “Buy it Now” button. 

While many have been skeptical about this new transparency in the marketplace, once embraced it really helps agents and their clients with strategy versus stressing over tedious, endless paperwork and deadlines that go nowhere!

*Trent Heminger and Mary Noone have a financial interest in Final Offer.