Carolina Clavijo, CEO

One Central Plaza
11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 1202
Rockville, MD 20852

Additional offices in Damascus, Shady Grove, and Washington, D.C.

“Advanced Technology with a loving touch.”

Carolina Clavijo, CEO Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS Reena Garg, MD Georgina Medina, MD Lorena Riveros, MD Maliha Saeed, OD Alexa Pereira, OD Shirley Middleton, MD (not photographed) Credit: Heather Fuentes

QWhat’s the best advice you’ve received?
ADr. Georgina Medina: “Default to empathy. Working in medicine, you often encounter people on edge, sometimes experiencing the worst days of their lives. People in those situations are not always their best selves. Defaulting to empathy resets your demeanor, and you’ll ultimately be a better doctor for it.”  

Dr. Lorena Riveros: “You can do it; be clear on where you see yourself in the future and keep working at it every day. People believing in me and my career path have helped me get to where I am.”

Dr. Maliha Saeed:“Remember to have empathy and understanding of different perspectives. It helps strengthen emotional intelligence, an important skill when working as closely with patients as we do.”

QWhy do you do what you do?
ADr. Sandra Lora Cremers: “I have wanted to be a surgeon since I was six years old and saw my dad (a cardiothoracic surgeon)’s connection with his patients. The “wow” reactions patients often experience when their sight is restored are humbling and inspiring.” 

Dr. Reena Garg: “A person’s sight is 83 percent of their perception of the world around them; to have the privilege to protect that keeps me going every day. As a child, I visited India with my dad, who was volunteering at an eye camp offering free cataract surgery to villagers who never had eye care. I was amazed by the impact one small surgery could have on a person’s life and their ability to provide for their family.”  

Q  What advice would you offer women just starting out?
A  Carolina Clavijo: “Find and speak your truth, even if you become disruptive. Become a truly independent woman and have your life plan; otherwise, you can inadvertently fall into others’ plans. Immerse yourself in your community and serve as much as possible; it always pays off.”