Ashley Iddings, CIMA, CPWA, Managing Director; Robin Dobbs, CFP, Senior Vice President; Michèle Walthert, CFP, CRPC, Managing Director

12435 Park Potomac Ave., Suite 500
Potomac, MD 20854

QWhat services does your firm provide?
AAshley: We are fiduciary advisors who lead with financial planning, taking a collaborative and consultative approach to wealth management. We’re dedicated to guiding people through every stage of their financial lives. Our insights and support help them navigate major life changes such as retirement, divorce and widowhood.

QWhat makes your client experience unique?
AMichèle: We believe our approach to helping clients should be customized and that our services should involve the highest level of attention and care. We work hard to establish trust with our clients. It’s the foundation of what we do.
Robin:We recommend at least quarterly meetings at the onset; after that it’s a personal preference. We love for clients to stay engaged and for there to be a healthy, ongoing flow of communication between us so we can step in quickly to assist them as needed. 

QWhat made you want to become a financial advisor?
AAshley: I knew I wanted to focus on helping people with their money. This profession provided me with a unique opportunity to use my quantitative and more creative problem-solving skills while allowing me to build meaningful relationships with people.

QWhat do you find most satisfying about your work?
AMichèle: The “a-ha!” moments are very powerful—and empowering. When something “clicks” for a client and we see their confidence build so that they’re able to make informed decisions about their money—that is one of the most rewarding things about what we do. 

Wealthspire Advisors is an independent advisory firm small enough to provide customized service while large enough to offer world-class resources. Putting people’s needs and aspirations first, the practice is centered on optimizing its clients’ finances and making a positive difference in people’s lives. 

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