Suzanne Osborn, Vice President, Human Resources

1600 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD  20850

QWhat has been an unexpected surprise in your work?
A Westat’s emphasis on cross-company collaboration has been a pleasant surprise. Working for a company that genuinely wants to hear from its employees is refreshing. Cross-functional committees and working groups are the norm; getting feedback from different practices and departments helps us in everything we do. As an employee-owned company, getting feedback and engagement directly from employees is a critical part of our culture.

QWhat are your top priorities?
A My top priorities center around employee engagement and retention. The pandemic changed how our employees work and engage with one another and our clients. Employee engagement is more complicated with remote work and hybrid schedules; I strive to engage employees in meaningful ways, ensuring an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves and sharing their diverse ideas.