Dr. Rachel Cohn, Optometrist

1095 Seven Locks Road
Potomac, MD 20854

QWhat made you decide to get into your line of work? 
A I’ve had poor eyesight since childhood. Optometry always interested me, so I followed that course of study. I’m also interested in fashion, and glasses have become super fun and stylish. So, I combined my medical skills and fashion sense and opened Wink—my own optometry practice with a built-in glasses boutique. 

QHow do you employ new technology to help your patients?
A Several new technologies have made a great impact on my work and patient care. Once exclusive to dermatology clinics, Wink is proud to offer the Epi-C Plus IPL device in our office. If you have chronic dry eye syndrome, over the counter drops are often not enough. This pain free,  non-invasive therapy helps to increase the production of oil in the meibomian glands. By increasing the production of oil, the tear film becomes more stable and can better lubricate the eye, relieving dry eye symptoms.