Based in Bethesda

55 employees in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “Aldon blends the innovation of a startup with the foundation of a 75-year-old family-owned company.” —Gina Junio, vice president of human resources

Cool Perks: “We’re willing to pivot when we see that employees need specific benefits, like wages on demand or mental health breaks.” —Junio

Work-Life Balance: Aldon makes accommodations when employees temporarily need to work remotely.


Mental Health: Staffers have gathered several times to discuss work-life balance and how they can support each other through difficulties. 

Office Layout: Contemporary, fresh office space with lots of glass instead of walls.

Office Culture: Have fun while staying productive.


The Last Word: “Management recognized Juneteenth as a paid holiday this year, which I think is very honorable.” —Nikki Wilson, assistant community manager