Based in Rockville

50 employees, including 27 in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “Management treats everyone with respect and as equals. We have an open, welcoming atmosphere. I see this especially at lunch, where members of all teams get together to chat without cliques.” —Kevin Honan, senior adviser, operations manuals and emergency response plans

Cool Perks: Vacation time stacks up fast, with four weeks of vacation after five years … Personal health care is 100% covered by the company … Assistance with continuing education … Free snacks and espresso for all.

Work-Life Balance: “Management has increased hiring and has invested heavily in new systems to ease workloads … Our substantial vacation policy is separate from our sick leave allowance, which is becoming more rare [at other companies].” —Honan


Mental Health: “Our sick time is pretty much a no-questions-asked policy and can be used for mental health days. Our health insurance also covers mental health.” —Honan

Office Layout: Tons of natural light, with most seats having a good view from large windows. 

Office Culture: “Even on days that we don’t have planned company events or activities, many members of our team enjoy spending time together socially outside of work.” —Jessica Feazel, vice president of revenue operations and technology


The Last Word: “We often choose to come into the office more days than hybrid schedules require because we like each other’s company, and everyone is stronger when working together.” —Feazel