From left (front): Karen Kelly, Dana Rice, Kcrystal Boschma, Kate Fralin From left (back): Lisa Resch, Rose Meima, Brian Myles, Catie Martin, Blake Dannenbaum Credit: Courtesy Photo

Realtor, Executive Vice President Dana Rice Group of Compass

  • 5471 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 300 Chevy Chase, MD 20815
  • 202-669-6908

Q: How does a team benefit a buyer or seller?

A: With a team, buyers and sellers always have access to personal, hands-on support. My team has been together for seven years. We have different backgrounds that include expertise in architecture, interior design, marketing, sales and communication. We enjoy working with first-time buyers and those moving into the upper brackets. 

Q: What stands out about the current market?

A: My “hot take?” It’s a seller’s market and a buyer’s market at the same time. There is low inventory, which benefits sellers, but there are fewer people looking to buy at this moment. If someone does not need to move now, they are waiting. In these interesting times, it is more critical than ever to be with an experienced, savvy agent. 

Q: What is a challenge that you face?

A: Since the real estate market is dynamic, things have changed since clients last sold or bought a house and their previous experience may not be relevant today. That can be frustrating. 


Q: What sets you apart from most other agents?

A: I don’t want clients to lift a finger. From the beginning, I’ve offered free staging. My warehouse is chock full of great furniture and accessories. Some people only need a few final touches. Others need a whole house transformation. To manage this process, we have a full-time, enthusiastic designer on the team because when a potential buyer walks through the door, that moment in time is very important. And it’s all free!