5640 Shields Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

Website: https://www.dcpediatricsmiles.com
Phone: 301-363-9026

Q: What makes your pediatric dental practice unique?

A: DC Pediatric Smiles was crafted with a vision to help kids love going to the dentist and look forward to their next visit. To accomplish this, our team strives to provide positive, individualized solutions to each patient’s unique dental needs

We believe in honesty. And we find it most rewarding when new families join our practice and recognize our team’s attention to detail, clear communication and thoughtfulness throughout the new patient experience. We are often told that our bright, airy, coastal-inspired space is the perfect setting for a comfortable introduction to dentistry.

Here, visiting the dentist can be fun for kids of all ages. By providing our families with a team-approach to care, Dr. Derek Blank and Dr. Roma Gandhi channel that enthusiasm while connecting with patients and motivate kids to establish healthy tooth habits at a young age.


Q: What is The Ortho Suite?

A: Our team is dedicated to creating a positive and relaxed pediatric dental experience at DC Pediatric Smiles. Similarly, we wanted to apply this approach to orthodontics to help our patients smoothly transition into the world of braces and Invisalign.

Just last summer, we completed an expansion of our office and built a new space devoted to orthodontic care for kids and adults — The Ortho Suite. Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Robin Choi loves devoting time to learn about each family’s goals. He shares our passion for positive vibes and is an expert on the growth and development of teeth. Parents particularly value Dr. Choi’s careful, conservative approach to care.