Gerry M. Dubin, DMD, Owner & CFO; Seth Dubin, DMD, MS, CDP, Chief Dental Officer; Jacqueline Saling, CDP, CEO

Phone: 240-485-8688

Q: What makes your practice unique? 

A: District Mobile Dental was founded by owner and CFO Dr. Gerry Dubin as a fully functioning in-home concierge mobile dental provider. While practicing in Montgomery County for nearly 40 years, he pursued an interest in the dental treatment of geriatric, special needs and home-bound patients. The mobile dental unit allows patients to receive the same comprehensive care as at a brick-and-mortar dental office without leaving the comfort of their homes — critically important to memory care patients. Custom-designed and manufactured equipment enables patients to be treated in their wheelchairs, beds, recliners or in a portable dental chair that the provider brings.   

Q: What was the impetus for starting District Mobile Dental?

A: Dr. Dubin’s motivation to start District Mobile Dental was the relationship between a healthy mouth and a healthy body and the limitations home-bound patients face when seeking dental care. District Mobile Dental can provide emergency dental services within 24 hours. In-home services are available to anyone desiring to be treated at home. Although no longer practicing clinical dentistry, Dr. Dubin continues to mentor his providers in the unique needs of this client base.   

Q: What is one thing prospective patients should know about your practice?

A: District Mobile Dental was the first designated dementia-friendly business in Montgomery County. Dr. Dubin and his son, Chief Dental Officer Dr. Seth Dubin, have completed a University of Pennsylvania post-doctoral continuing education program to become certified Disabilities Dentistry Clinician Experts. Dr. Gerry Dubin completed a post-doctoral mini-residency in Geriatrics and Long-term Care.