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Elizabeth’s practice includes plaintiff’s side litigation, contract disputes, employment and construction litigation, consumer protection acts and state wage laws. She also takes on clients in private domestic law matters, including guardianship. Named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers, she has a deep commitment to clients as individuals, focusing on their distinct concerns and goals.

Q: How do I protect myself in the event of litigation?

A: The best offense is a good defense, such as a solid written agreement that protects your rights and interests. Once it appears that a lawsuit may be imminent or already has been filed, you will want to collect and document evidence that will prove or disprove the events in question. If you are served with court papers, do not ignore them! These documents have strict timelines and failure to respond may place you in legal trouble.

It is incredibly important to know your rights in a lawsuit and consulting with a skilled attorney will help you determine whether your best option is to walk away, negotiate or litigate. Litigation may be inevitable, but outcomes are often better when lawyers get involved earlier in the process.

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Q: Why should I use JDKatz PC?

A: At JDKatz, we are experienced and professional litigators in the areas of civil litigation, business law, trusts and estates, elder law and general litigation matters. Our clients are our priority. We stay connected to their interests and devise creative strategies to best protect those interests. We take a hands-on approach and are completely dedicated to our clients and the outcome of their cases.