Jack Fitzgerald, Founder

We buy cars directly from consumers, whether or not they are being traded in, at attractive prices.

16 locations in the greater D.C. region



After executing the sale agreement on a napkin at a Hot Shoppes restaurant in 1966, native Washingtonian Jack Fitzgerald opened his first car dealership in a converted gas station. Colonial Dodge in downtown Bethesda had only one car on the showroom floor, which also served as the office and parts department. This was long before Bethesda was the Bethesda we know today. It was before the dramatic growth of the National Institutes of Health and the National Naval Medical Center. Even before Starbucks!


In the decades since the 1960s, the Fitzgerald automobile family has grown to include 26 showroom locations where hundreds of thousands of new and used cars have been sold. Today, with demand for previously owned cars at a peak, Fitzgerald customers enjoy a full, new car showroom experience when shopping for used cars. They are exploring every kind of car imaginable: domestic and imports, luxury as well as practical, gas, hybrid and all-electric. 

“We buy cars directly from consumers, whether or not they are being traded in, at attractive prices,” says Fitzgerald.

Customers have a few categories to consider. Certified pre-owned cars come with warranties after they meet a checklist of requirements such as age and mileage, along with service that must be done before they are sold. 


There are also perfectly good and safe used cars that undergo the FitzWay comprehensive checkout. “I used to call it the 138-point check,” says Fitzgerald, “but now it’s more like over 200. You’ll know as much about the car as we do.” At the entry level end of the spectrum, there are cars known as handyman fixer-uppers that are ideal for the mechanically inclined who not only have interest and skill, but also time to do some work. 

Transparency and trust have always been at the core of the FitzWay, the company motto that emphasizes honesty and respect, fair dealing, best price guarantees and attentive customer service. Unlike most dealers, Fitzgerald has a posted price on the windshield of every car that you can actually buy the car for. It’s called a “No Hassle, No Haggle” approach.

Committed to building long-term relationships with customers, Fitzgerald Auto Malls offers a Lifetime Buyer Protection Plan for any vehicle purchased, new or used, that includes inspections based on a survey of the top reasons cars break down. Plus, customers get a loaner car for life.


In the dealership’s 57th year, Jack Fitzgerald feels grateful to his employees and customers. “I often quote a famous baseball player named Lefty Gomez,” he says, “who said he’d rather be lucky than good. The truth is, we are lucky because of our customers. We have served three generations of some families. Customer loyalty has given us our longevity.”