Kevin Gilday, President

Besides leading in industry best practices, Gilday Renovations has published articles that help homeowners make the best renovation decisions. The website provides a rich source of information about all aspects of the renovation process.

9162 Brookville Road

Silver Spring, MD 20910



What makes a company able to sustain vitality and relevance over time? With Gilday Renovations, it is the company’s ability to adapt to a changing market and stay true to its original vision of providing an exceptional renovation experience for clients.

This is central to the success of Gilday Renovations. For more than 40 years, they have fine-tuned their internal systems and creative processes in pursuit of the next level of “better” with the support of a talented staff of designers and builders.

From the beginning, Kevin Gilday has been personally involved in every aspect of the design and construction process. He implemented a team approach which supports a platform to explore creative design solutions and a seamless customer experience. Today, this process is generally known as “design-build.”


As the demand for Gilday Renovations grew, the company took on more designers and craftsmen to produce larger and more complex projects. They became organized at all levels around an integrated project management system to ensure accuracy and consistent communication throughout all phases of the renovation process. The result is award-winning design concepts that are buildable and on budget.

Kevin remains personally involved. When you work with Gilday Renovations, be assured that the company owner will be guiding your home renovation project to a successful conclusion.