Kitchen design is about the client, not the designer. We pride ourselves on understanding everyone’s needs and providing the best service possible. 

12223 Nebel St.

Rockville, MD 20852 


Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens has been delivering timeless designs with an emphasis on quality and a superior customer experience since 1982. “There is no doubt that my father, who founded the company, is my greatest influence,” says owner Larry Rosen. “He named the company after himself because he knew he would always do things the right way. We have maintained our excellent reputation ever since.” 


At Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens, a talented and versatile team of designers is able to design in every style and size, while being well-versed in the latest trends and improvements. “I am inspired by architectural features in the rest of the house when creating new spaces to fit each client’s lifestyle,” Rosen says. “However, in the end, it is always about the client’s complete satisfaction. We provide quality, creativity and dependability to each client and it is paramount that they be delighted with their investment.” 

The firm puts a premium on comfort and functionality, as well as aesthetics. “A well-designed kitchen is not only beautiful but functions easily,” Rosen says. “Appliances should be placed logically and safely, there should be ample counter space and storage should be maximized.  Food prep should be a pleasure, clean-up should be quick and people should be able to comfortably linger after a meal. If all these needs are met, then we have done our job.”